This command will convert all interface names to naming convention "interface-type switch-number/slot/port", save the running config to startup-config and reload the switch. NOTE: Make sure to configure one or more dual-active detection methods once the conversion is complete and the...EMC Navisphere® Command Line Interface (CLI) Reference This VNX NAS CLI reference guide includes command syntax samples for the more commonly used commands at the top, and a list of available commands at the bottom with a brief description of their function. It's a useful cheat sheet for quickly referencing commonly used commands.

Vnx naviseccli command reference

But when I am trying to run server as -> npm run serve at that time I'm getting error like 'vue-cli-service' is not recognized as an internal or external command. I used below codes for installationConnect via SSH to applicable Nexus 5K switch and execute the following command: show version Commands for additional information: show license host-id show license usage show callhome show run callhome all | egrep 'email-contact|phone-contact|streetaddress|destination-profile CiscoTAC-1 email|periodic-inventory notification interval' show running-config ntp show logging server Cisco Nexus ... 7 Renaming naviseccli.exe... 7 Host Agent commands... 8 Conclusion...10 References...10 4 Executive summary The EMC Navisphere Command Line Interface (CLI) has been a popular way of EMC VNX Series Release 8.1 Installing Management Applications on VNX for File P/N 300-015-111...EMC VNX .server_config command reference By Hernan J. Larrea | March 6, 2014 It’s been a while since my last post, this time I’ll try to document as many parameters as I can for the .server_config command from EMC. Command line: cmake -Doption=value ... Initial cache files: cmake -C my_options.txt ... Interactive via GUI. In this reference we will use regular command line. Most of the options can be found in the root cmake script of OpenCV: opencv/CMakeLists.txt .

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VNX Parts Replacements. Boris Sobolev Lennox Robin. VNX Parts Replacements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation. Create Presentation Download Presentation.Is it possible to translate a parasolid file to nx part file through command line utilities?Формулы можно уви-деть в разделе „Command Reference Æ Post Processing Æ Output Manipulation Æ Model, Output, Process" из „Help".
EMC NAS Celerra/VNX commands ... This is just for reference, you can easily pull up this list from a Celerra by typing server_ and hitting the tab key. Authorize the VNX Block storage system user with any role except VM administrator and Security Administrator. Enable the Statistics logging to collect performance data. Statistics logging affects storage-system performance, so leave it off unless you want to monitor performance.